1. Ford Foundation, Research Competition in Soviet/Russian and East European Studies 1975. For two years (1975-1977). The topic of investigations "The Price-Command Mechanism in the Soviet Economic System."

2. A.C.L.S., For the Fall Semester of 1977/1978 academic year. The topic of investigations "Vertical and Horizontal Mechanisms in the Soviet Economic System."

3. National Council for Soviet and Eastern European Studies. For the 1980-1982 academic years. The topic of investigations "Towards the Concept of Measuring An Economic Potential: The Soviet-American Case."

4. University of Pennsylvania 1987. For the purpose of developing a research agenda on a new topic area: indeterminism.

5. University of Pennsylvania 1992. For organization of the International symposium "Calculus of Predisposition".

6. University of Pennsylvania 1993. For the development of a new concept concerning mechanisms of evolutionary change (normal and pathological)

7. SEI Center at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 1994. For the development of a new concept concerning the political system of a corporation